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Laura is a person who constantly continues to develop her intellectual growth, her passion for what she does, her creativity and her perseverance to move forward.

A lover of nature, she respects the creation of this planet and everything that lives in it.

She graduated as an Architect  in 1993. She worked a few years in her profession until she was presented with another opportunity she could not refuse: a business in the United States. She packed everything and did not look back.

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One of her discovered passions is to help others succeed in their own businesses and to support them throughout their journey.

She realized that people come to her for advice and it was then when she decided to take her knowledge to the next level by getting better at what she already knew and study what she didnt.  

Today, she is very successful with her other online business and with her design agency Marketing Creativa.


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I believe in the perfect combination of technology and art, making each execution more intelligent, more dynamic and more effective. This approach is the basis of everything I do.